Department of Tourism and Travel Management


  • DTTM is dedicated to develop synergistic partnership with tourism and ailed sectors by developing a wide spectrum including voices from the academia, industry, social and environmental organisations.
  • We at DTTM, Central University of Jammu  as a dedicated team are working pro-actively in building upon new pedagogical methods and in partnerships with the  MNC's, NGO's and exchange programmes with Universities and Organizations across the country  to ensure that students get a 360 Degree outlook. We are working for creating the conducive and healthy environment of learning.
  • We are increasing deep learning experiences for students arising from their industrial exposure, field trips, and community engagement activities. Heightening faculty and student research that supports the Tourism Initiatives and providing opportunities for staff and alumni to participate in the initiative.
  • We are committed for creating the skilled and employable manpower for the tourism Industry for which department has signed MOU's (Memorandum of Understanding) with Industry and Academia and other collaborations are in offing.