Prof. Dev Raj, Vice Chairman, UGC interaction with faculty of Central University of Jammu
Apr 08, 2017

On the request of Prof. Ashok Aima, honourable Vice Chancellor of Central University of Jammu, Prof. Dev Raj, Vice Chairman of University Grant commission (UGC) visited at Temporary Academic Block (TAB), Central University of Jammu here today and interacted with the faculty members of Science departments of the university.

During interaction Prof. Dev Raj shared his experiences about his research and teaching careers and also advised the young faculty members to be a good teachers and role model for society. He mainly emphasized on the originality of research work, resulting in genuine progress of the nation and inculcating humanistic and holistic values in the youth who are future of the nation. He was of the view that our teaching should be more learning oriented. All faculty members self introduced him/her to Prof. Dev Raj and explained their research works to him. He also patiently listened to faculty members about their reservations and work related issues. He was happy with suggestion about open book examination for few core papers by Dr. Anil K Thakur, Associate Professor in Department of Nano Sciences and Materials. He also believes that it will enhance learning and understanding of subject matters.

Earlier, Prof. S K Khosa, Head Department of Nano Sciences and Materials welcomed Prof. Dev Raj and introduced him to new faculty members. Prof. N K Tripathi, Head of the Plant Sciences presented formal vote of thanks.
Both Prof. S K Khosa and Prof, N K Tripathi apprised him about the fruitlessness of Academic Performance Index (API) scores.