CUJ Celebrates the Spirit of Incredible India
Nov 08, 2017

The Department of Tourism and Travel Management (DTTM), Central University of Jammu organized spectrum of events to mark the occasion of the “Paryatan Parv” on 7th November, 2017. In this event a series of activities were organised in consonance with the theme jointly mooted by the Ministry of Human Resource Development and the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. In sync with the pulse of the theme, the Department of Tourism and Travel Management organized a series of activities viz- Photography, Nukkad Natak, Essay Writing and Slogan Writing.

Keeping in mind the essence of celebrating spirit of ‘Incredible India’, the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India has launched the “PARYATAN PARV” under the theme “Dekho Apna Desh” aimed at raising awareness of the value and contribution that tourism can make towards development of our nation. The “Paryatan Parv” was organized by the Department of Tourism and Travel Management under the patronage of Prof. Ashok Aima, Vice Chancellor, Central University of Jammu. Prof. Ashok Aima congratulated tourism stakeholders on its good tourism results and thanked the policy makers for placing tourism high in the national policy agenda in India while conceptualizing the celebration of event in the Central University of Jammu campus.

The event was graced by Prof. Zaffar, Centre for Comparative Religion and Civilization, Prof. Govind, Head, Department of Mass Communication & New Media and Prof. Deepak Pathania, Dean Student Welfare and Head, Department of Environmental Studies.

Dr. Jaya Bhasin, Head, Department of Tourism and Travel Management, Central University of Jammu, welcomed the guests and explained the importance of the theme of the “Paryatan Parv”. She also apprised the participants about the various activities conducted during the event.

The event was opened by theme speech of Dr. Amit Gangotia, Assistant Professor, who emphasized the growth, diversity and performance of tourism sector and the links of the sector with the development, socio-economic progress, jobs and enterprises creation.

In his remarks Prof. Govind, Head, Department of Mass Communication and New Media highlighted the power media as a strategic tool for destination marketing and branding. He also mentioned that young students can be a powerful catalyst to advance the contribution of tourism to the regional development.
Speaking on the occasion Prof. Zaffar at the Centre for Comparative Religion and Civilization, Central University of Jammu mentioned that tourism can be a key driver of the growth and economic prosperity for the Jammu and Kashmir. There is need for multi-stakeholder coordination, consultation and cooperation to enhance the tourism competitiveness of Jammu and Kashmir State.

“Paryatan Parv” celebration highlighted tourism’s value as one of the world’s largest generators of jobs and a powerful driver of socio-economic growth and sustainable development. This event was designed to provide a platform to the students to showcase their skills and develop their creative potential. Four different themes integrated the Essay Writing Competition that focused on (1) Creating Indian Identity through Tourism; (2) Prospects and Challengers of Jammu and Kashmir Tourism; (3) Role of Urban Governance in Travel Experiences and (4) Responsible Tourism and its Role in Destination Sustainability. The photography competitition was focused on the themes: (1) Landscape and Nature, (2) Culture and Heritage (Architecture / Monuments / Costumes / Life Style / Rural Life / Rural Settings), (3) Wildlife (Flora and Fauna) and People (Portraits / Moods / Livelihood). The most engaging activity of “Paryatan Parv”, Nukkad Natak which has gathered huge audience in the Central University of Jammu campus organized on the theme-‘Social Issues in India’. The theme state for slogan writing competition was Jammu and Kashmir. This event has witnessed overwhelming participation from across the departments of the Central University of Jammu. The event was coordinated by Mr. Ranjeet Kumar Raman, Assistant Professor and vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Rahul Thakur, Assistant Professor.