Name of School Department/Centre Course Offered
School of Business Studies

Department of Human Resource Management & Organizational Behaviour

PhD (Human Resource Management)
PhD (Business Administration)
M.B.A. (HRM)
B.Voc (Retail Management)
B.Voc (Banking and Financial Services)

Department of Tourism and Travel Management 

PhD (Tourism and Travel Management)
M.B.A. (Tourism & Travel Management)

Department of Marketing and Supply Chain Management

PhD (Marketing Management)
M.B.A. (Marketing Management)

School of Basic and Applied Sciences

Department of Mathematics

PhD (Mathematics)
M.A./M.Sc. Mathematics

Department of Computer Science and Information Technology

PhD (Computer Science & Information Technology)
M.Tech (Computer Science & Technology)

Department of Physics and Astronomical Sciences

PhD (Physics)
Integrated B.Sc (Hons)- M.Sc in Physics

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Sciences

PhD (Chemistry)
Integrated B.Sc (Hons)- M.Sc in Physics

Department of Nano Science and Material

PhD (Material Sciences & Technology)
M.Sc. Material Sciences & Technology

School of Education

Department of Educational Studies

PhD (Education)
M.Ed. (Master of Education)
Integrated B.A-B.Ed

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Economics

PhD (Economics)
M.A. (Economics)

Department of Public Policy and Public Administration

PhD (Public Policy & Public Administrations)
M.A. (Public Policy and Public Administration)

Department of Social work

PhD ( Social Work)
M.A. (Social Work)

Centre for Yoga

MA in Yoga
Diploma in Yoga

Centre for Comparative Religion and Civilization

PhD (Comparative Religion and Civilization)
Diploma Course (Indian Scripts- Brahmi & Sharda)
Certificate Course (Shavism)
Certificate Course (Indian Mystical thoughts)

School of Languages

Department of English

PhD ( English)
M.A. (English)

Department of Hindi & Other Indian Languages

PhD ( Hindi)
M.A. (Hindi)

School of Life Sciences

Department of Environmental Sciences

PhD (Environmental Sciences)
M.Sc. (Environmental Sciences)

Department of Zoology

PhD (Zoology)
Integrated B.Sc (Hons)- M.Sc in Zoology

Department of Botany

PhD (Botany)
Integrated B.Sc (Hons) M.Sc in Botany

Centre for Molecular Biology

PhD (Biotechnology)

School of National Security Studies

Department of National Security Studies

PhD ( National Security Studies)
MA (National Security Studies)

School of Knowledge Management,
Information and Media Studies

Department of Mass Communication and New Media

PhD ( Mass Communication& New Media)
M.A. (Mass Communication and New Media)

Community College

Community College

Diploma in Beauty & Wellness (Makeup)
Diploma in Beauty & Wellness
Diploma in Retail Management
Certificate Course Beauty and Wellness