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Rural Camp 2020


October 11-12th 2022


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Promoting Volunteerism for Child Protection in J&K

January-March, 2019


Childhood is one of the crucial phases of life span of a human being. From being vulnerable to multiple exigencies of life, childhood requires a nourishing and a caring environment. Children have a right to protective environment and happy childhood. To ensure building a mechanism for child protection, this UNICEF funded program, “Promoting Volunteerism for Child Protection in J&K” has taken shape.

The idea to bring out this handbook is to provide training to student volunteers in the field of child protection so as to generate mass awareness regarding child rights and child protection. Investment in child protection is to be seen as investment in healthy and prosperous society.

We at Department of Social Work, Central University of Jammu, with active financial support from UNICEF laid out this programme for training student volunteers for child protection. Along with students from social work department, we trained pool of volunteers from National Service Scheme unit of Central University of Jammu and adjoining colleges of district samba.

This handbook has been prepared as a ready reference guide for use by student volunteers. This path-breaking initiative is first step towards creating Child-friendly communities. We strongly believe that student community can bring a difference in lives of thousands of distressed children of Jammu and Kashmir.

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Consultation on Drafting Curriculum on ‘Child Rights and Child Protection’

19th – 20th March, 2018

Child rights and child protection is getting an increasing  global attention keeping in view the risks and vulnerabilities children have to face globally owing to poverty, wars, migration, displacement and disasters. When it comes to Jammu and Kashmir, the scenario of child protection becomes grave owing to the very political environment that pertains to the state. In the state of Jammu and Kashmir we are not only confronted by child in need of care and protection but also by a magnitude of children in conflict with law. Adding to these two categories of children we also have an another kind of category called as border children, who often have to face the risk of displacement and migration because of volatile international border and line of control. Thus what we end up with a pool of issues which undoubtedly need attention from the perspective of protection.  This consultation was designed for drafting two courses on child protection which can be taught to the post graduate students of social work.  The courses will help in training the students in the field of child protection so as they can be potential human resource for the effective implementation of Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) in the state.

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Rural Winter Camp 2018: Understanding Stratification, Power and Gender

12th – 17th February, 2018

Department of Social Work, Central University of Jammu, as part of its academic activity has developed a provision of rural camp for the students of master’s programme. This rural winter camp was an initiative to provide students an opportunity to engage in rural community work. The idea of this mode of learning is that students will have to reside together along with faculty at a rural location and thereafter engage in understanding community through various frameworks by making use of specially designed tools. The rural camp for the year 2018 took place at Shahpur Block of District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh.  In order to make it more cohesive and fruitful, an experimental collaboration was forged with Department of Social Work, Central University of Himachal Pradesh.  A SPGG framework was devised for this activity where this acronym stands for Social Stratification, Power, Gender and Governance. This frame work utilises these four conceptual categories to understand the community. This SPGG framework helped in taking students back to the communities where their lived experiences comes from and thereby making them to understanding the conceptual categories that are being taught in class lectures.

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Capacity Building Programme on Drug Abuse (for Police Functionaries)

2nd February, 2018

Drug Abuse and Addiction is a growing menace that has inflicted our society vehemently. There are frequent reports of illegal trade of drugs thriving in the society. This menace of drugs is severely taking toll on the lives of young population. There is a tremendous challenge before us to deal with this social issue in a more nuanced way and in this direction there is an important role which police as an institution has to play. The police institution is the first and immediate point of contact whenever a drug addict or abuser is being held. Therefore our police force needs to be well equipped with the skills of dealing with delinquents and criminals pertaining to drug addiction. It is in this context this one day capacity building programme has been organised for enhancing the knowledge of police functionaries of Jammu and Kashmir, so as they look to the issue of drug addicts in a more nuanced way. The programme has been designed for the various levels of functionaries of Jammu and Kashmir police. This one day programme will focus on following major themes: legal provisions in substance use disorder, Drug de-addiction; rehabilitation and counselling, Magnitude of problem both nationally and globally and Medical perspective of Drug dependence.

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Capacity Building Workshop
Humanitarian Dialogue: From Understanding to Action

13th – 14th November, 2017

Humanitarian dialogue initiative is to create spaces for professional social workers and community animators to contribute their experiences and ideas for understanding the challenges faced by community due to conflicts, disasters, and underdevelopment. The workshops aim at understanding most pressing concerns and what collective actions can be taken to address the challenges. Social work scholars with experience in the field work are better equipped in understanding the challenges and design responses. The workshop aims to build the analytical skills in designing the interventions and provide solutions to challenges in the field. It will provide an opportunity of interaction and brainstorming sessions on humanitarian work in Jammu and Kashmir. It will also provide an opportunity to contribute, learn about tools and platforms to mainstream the humanitarian concerns.

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Awareness Programme on Drug Abuse

23rd February, 2017

The Department of Social Work, Central University of Jammu organized one day awareness programme on Drug Abuse. The programme was supported by National Institute of Social Defences.  In this awareness programme two eminent speakers made the participants aware about drug abuse, its consequence. In the very first session first speaker delivered her lecture on “Social Psychological Factors of Drug Abuse, Dependency of Alcoholism”. The second speaker talked about the “Consequences and Preventive Aspects of Drug Abuse”, followed by an interactive session with the participants.

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Workshop on Disaster Preparedness and Early Warning

25th-26th October, 2016

The disaster response should not be in a haphazard manner. It should be done with a professional approach. Social workers as professional should be equipped with certain tool kits based on humanitarian approach to understand the affected people.

Jammu and Kashmir is a region of high potential as well as strain between the different regions and a hub of different culture and tradition. It demands interregional interaction and understanding especially during natural disaster. Disaster should be addressed in a manner which transcends all the barriers of religion, sex, caste and culture.

Social worker should become “Public Spirited Individuals” who can come above and over the narrow considerations. It is also a grave concern that mitigation strategies demands cross border co-operations because disaster transcends across the political geographical barrier.

This workshop was focused on to disaster pre-preparedness with a humanitarian approach where various experts helped the participants to build a holistic understanding of the issues and concerns and then to develop mitigation strategies.

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J&K State Level Conference on Juvenile Justice 
(Care and Protection of Children) Act- 2013: Options and Opportunities

January 7-8, 2016

The “United Nations Convention on The Rights of Children” sets the framework and pathway for the rights of children and prioritizes their specific needs. It is reflected comprehensively in the National Policy on Children and also in Juvenile Justice Act.

The society has moved from curative approach to preventive approach for mainstreaming the children in natural environment. This involved continuous engagement with all the stakeholders importantly – Judiciary, Police, Social Welfare/Department of Women and Child Welfare, NGOs and Civil Society. Today, we have validated SOPs for both preventive and curative programmes.

The JK State Level Conference on Juvenile Justice Act, which was awaited by all sections of people concern with child care to provide additional fillip in this direction. The conference aim was to provide that momentum vertically and horizontally to all levels of stakeholders. This is the first time all three regions of Jammu and Kashmir are represented in this conference. The people who gathered are highly experienced NGO’s, Police Officials who have clear insight into the issues of children and Social Welfare Officers with considerable knowledge and above all Bar Council Members and Press people.

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