Department of Social work

The Department offers an interdisciplinary Post Graduation level course in Social Work. This four semester course draws its strength from various social sciences disciplines where theory and practicum are blended with an integrated approach. The field work practicum is the signature pedagogy of social work education which emphasises on supervised intervention in the field, to deliberate on theory in practice. Field work practicum imbibes the spirit of social work ethics, values, knowledge and skills in the students. Being a professional course, it offers employment opportunities in wide range of institutions working on international and national developmental, Govt. departments and NGO’s.


Key Features

  • It is an inter-disciplinary programme and a perfect blend of various social sciences diciplines;
  • Theory and practice are integral part of learning continuum;
  • The units of social work intervention are individuals, groups and communities where students’ enhance their learning through praxis;
  • Social Work knowledge and skills can be applied in wide range of human service – relief, rehabilitation, reform,  reconstruction, therapy, correctional settings and social action. 
  • One-third of academic programme is dedicated for supervised field practice by faculty and stakeholders, in Government and Non-Government institutions.
  • It also has exclusive block training – i.e. hands on experience in institutional frames, before they plunge into employment scenario.



  • To critically understand integration of theory and practice;
  • To provide comprehensive knowledge and skills to respond to challenges within the society;
  • To promote advocacy in the areas of social policy through a right-based entitlement frame;
  • To promote human right, social justice,  social change and empowerment;
  • To design and promote research for strengthening the knowledge base of the discipline;
  • To instil conscious use of professional values and ethics, generate a sense of dedication and commitment, for an inclusive society.


Course Structure

The Master Degree Programme in Social Work adopts the model of the Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS) and Continuous Assessment Grading Pattern (CAGP) of the Central University of Jammu regulations governing Post-Graduate programmes. The Programme comprises of a total of 100 credits. The Programme has four Semesters, spread over a duration of two academic years. 


Inter-Disciplinary Course

  • The students have to take up University-wide Elective of their choice offered by any Department in the University as per University Rules, during 3rd and 4th semester respectively.
  • The Department will offer courses to the students of other Departments of the University under the University-wide Elective system as per University Rules.


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