Department of Economics

The Department of Economics at Central University of Jammu is a prestigious department noted for its dedication to excellence in economic studies and research.  The Department is dedicated to promoting an intellectual atmosphere where concepts are openly discussed, critically evaluated, and where cutting-edge research is consistently done to push the boundaries of economic thought. The Department thrives on the ideas of intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and academic rigour. It was established with the purpose of advancing and disseminating economic knowledge that is pertinent to our dynamic and interconnected world. We work hard to give our students a thorough, enriching, and all-encompassing educational experience by assembling a varied team of talented faculty members.

Our curriculum is designed to give students a robust grounding in basic economic theories, quantitative methodologies, and practical applications. This is supplemented with a focus on current economic challenges, policy analysis, and the effects of global and national economic trends on societies and individuals. Long-term objective of the Department is to cultivate an environment conducive to resolving global/ national/ rural issues and disseminating their applications at the local level through economic modeling and related means. Education consistent with a commitment to the highest standards of scholarship is the goal of the Department. In addition to the traditional curriculum, the Department's objective is to teach students about pertinent social and economic issues.

In essence, the Department of Economics at Central University of Jammu is not just a place to earn a degree; it is an academic community committed to expanding economic understanding, encouraging creative thinkers, and developing future economic leaders. All those who share our enthusiasm for economics and wish to make significant contributions to society are welcome.