Department of Economics

The department’s work is enshrined in its long-term vision that strives to make it a leading center of high-quality teaching, research and training in economics in the service of the society. Based on facts as well as critical thinking, the department aims to strike a balance between theoretical reasoning and quantitative analysis while dealing with complex economic issues during teaching and research. We hope to develop a vibrant community of researchers who, by intellectual rigor and inventive thinking, can propel economic thought forward, influence policymaking, and make significant contributions to a more sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous society. It intends to provide high quality learning ambience in economics to potential leaders of academia, government, industry and the civil society, and remain committed to the goal of endowing the students with excellence in knowledge, perspectives, skills and experience germane to modern and contemporary economic processes. It believes that a solid foundation in diverse areas of economics can be laid in the young minds through regular argument, analysis, interaction and imagination that take place in the department and outside. The activities of the department seek to produce grounded individuals who believe in independence, freedom, respect and responsibility in furtherance of social values for greater economic welfare.