Department of Mass Communication and New Media


Mass communication is a field which deals with the art and science of various communicative processes. From accessing information and participating in socio-political change, to impacting our interpersonal relations, it’s an interface of all existing disciplines where messages are interpreted through the political, cultural, economic, semiotic, hermeneutic, technological and social dimensions of their contexts. It studies significant developments in the media and its concomitants as to how media texts are produced, distributed, regulated and consumed and how media influences society.

The department of Mass Communication and New Media is intended to play an active role in tapping the potential of fast expanding mass communication field and its various forms, not only academically but also professionally. The department also aspires to produce value research work in mass communication and establish its relations with other disciplines, where events are seen through the lens of media


The department aims to make its identity as a centre of excellence in the field of mass communication where it would be seen as an academic centre for interdisciplinary research and guiding light for newcomers in highly competitive world of media.



  • To establish the department as a perfect blend of academic and professional repute.
  • To introduce courses with employment opportunities and academic innovations.
  • To provide specialized training to the students to choose their specific career path.        
  • To help students in their placements in various media and non media institutions.
  • To bridge the gap between theories and practices of media so that the students are motivated to become critical and professional journalists.
  • To train the students efficiently to tap the potential and scope of  new media