Department of National Security Studies

The Department of National Security Studies is mandated to promote teaching and research in the field of security and international studies. As India is poised to play a more proactive role in the international arena in order to sustain its economic growth and social development, it has to be prepared to confront multiple security challenges emanating from different levels. The department is committed to prepare the new generation of scholars, experts and leaders on security and international studies. Located in the state of Jammu & Kashmir (J & K), which is considered as a security and strategic hot spot of South Asia, it has inherent potential to promote academic research as well as policy analysis on issues related to national, regional and international security. It would provide a platform for all the stakeholders to engage in constructive dialogue, and debate on issues related to national security and strategy. Apart from designed curricula, students and scholars of the department are introduced to policy analysis using innovative teaching and research skills along with field visits. Four major thrust areas have been identified for research focus namely China and New Silk Road Initiative and Border Security Management, Trans-boundary Water Security and Conflict Management, Cyber Security and Energy Security.