Department of Botany

Vision & Mission

The Department of Botany, Central University of Jammu (CUJ), came into existence in the session 2016-2017 at Temporary Academic Block, CUJ. It was introduced to fulfil the goal of identifying problems related to agriculture and to identify the interventions of tools of plant sciences for the betterment of society. The Department of Botany has been started with the strength of teachers experienced in teaching and research in a wide range of subjects related to plant sciences such as molecular markers, biofertilizers, protecting crops from abiotic and biotic stress, and protecting rare endangered medicinal plants. The primary responsibility of the department is to set high teaching and research standards using modern tools and technology. The Central University of Jammu is located in the south western part of Jammu and Kashmir where there are challenges in the area of agronomics which impacts crop production. Jammu and Kashmir is an important state where several important crops are cultivated which include rice, apple, maize, wheat, potato, walnuts, almonds, apricots, saffron and local medicinal plants. The Department of Botany aims to identify the local problems related to plants and find solutions through cutting-edge research while studying traditional techniques