Centre for Molecular Biology

Vision: The Centre for Molecular Biology at the Central University of Jammu, aspires to be a leading academic and research center in molecular biology, dedicated to advancing the understanding of microbial pathogenesis and contributing to innovative solutions for global health, environmental, and biotechnological challenges.




  1. Providing high-quality graduate education in molecular microbiology, encompassing a comprehensive range of topics from fundamental molecular and cellular mechanisms to applied microbiology.
  2. Fostering cutting-edge research in molecular microbiology by promoting interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches.
  3. Engaging with the scientific community, industry, and society at large to disseminate knowledge, promote innovation, and contribute to the public discourse on microbiological issues and their implications.

Overall, the Centre for Molecular Biology at the Central University of Jammu is committed to excellence in molecular microbiology education and research, aiming to make significant contributions to global health, environmental sustainability, and biotechnological advancements.