Centre for Comparative Religion and Civilization

Centre for Comparative Religions and Civilizations


About the Centre

The academic study of Religions was understood by nineteenth century scholars to be a 'scientific' discipline based on observation and objective analysis just as the other sciences were. A Science of Religion, based on an impartial and truly scientific comparison of all, or at all events, of the most important, Religions of mankind, is now only a question of time.It becomes the duty of those who have devoted their life to the study of the principal Religions of the world in their original documents, and who value and revere it in whatever form they may present them self, to take possession of this new territory in the name of true science. The Centre for the study of Comparative Religions and Civilizations is one of the very few institutions of its kind in this country and we, at Central University of Jammu, are proud to keep it running. The Center was established in July, 2016. The Director In-charge of the Centre is Dr. Richa Kotahari. Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh and Dr. Murugesan A are the Assistant Professors of the Centre.


The mission of the Center for Comparative Religions and Civilizations is to describe and interpret the developments, worldviews and practices of religious traditions in a non-sectarian, academic manner for the benefit of students, faculty from other fields and the people at large. Within a public university, Religion must be approached with academic objectivity and without favoritism for any one tradition. Yet, religion must also be studied with sen­sitivity and empathy for the millions of believers whose lives are shaped by their faith. Comparative Religion examines the spiritual quest of humankind, especially as it has manifested itself in the world’s living religions. These include Hinduism, Bud­dhism, Jainism, Christianity, Islam Sikhism, Judaism, and other less familiar traditions. No other academic field looks at the origins, sacred writings, rituals, beliefs and world views of the various Religions for their own sake rather than as an aspect of another field of study. The Centre is to be a celebration of the multi-cultural and multi religious ethos of India.


To be an advance Centre for research and systematic study of multi-religious and cultural ethos of India by adopting the comparative, inter-disciplinary, scientific, dialogical critical and analytical methods. Part of the vision is to transform the society by promoting communal harmony, mutual appreciation and the spirit of the tolerance in the context of pluralism.


  • To study and research various Religions and civilizations of the world
  • To compare various Religions and civilizations and make students aware about the  points of convergence of different religions and civilizations
  • Conducting research to bring out the salient  features of different  religious traditions, and value systems
  • To offer various study programme to chart out the paths for co-existence of humanity

Courses Offered

Courses Offered



Qualifying Exam


Ph.D. in Comparative Religions &  Civilizations

M. A. in Comparative Religions/ Hinduism/ Jainism/ Buddhism/ Christianity/ Islam/ Sikhism/ Theology/ Divinity/ Allied Subjects with 55% marks or equivalent grade form the recognized University/ 50% for SC/ST Candidates and persons with disabilities

Central University Common Entrance Test  (CUCET)

Based on the Area of Research

Diploma in Indian Scripts - Brahmi and Sharda

Any Degree with the Basic Knowledge of Devanagri Script


Centre Level Test


One Year

Certificate Course in Shaivism

Any Degree with the Basic Knowledge of Indian Philosophy


Centre Level Test


One Year

Certificate Course in Indian Mystical Thought

Any Degree with the Basic Knowledge of Indian Philosophy


Centre Level Test


One Year

Inter-Disciplinary Course (IDC) on Comparative Religions

PG Students of CUJ




Third Semester

Inter-Disciplinary Course (IDC) on Ethics

PG Students of CUJ




Fourth Semester


Conferences/ Seminars/ Webinars/Workshops/Lecture Series

International Seminar

The Centre organized a two day International Seminar on “Kashmir Philosophy with Special Reference to Abhinavagupta” on 23rd and 24th of March 2017. The Honorable Governor of Jammu and Kashmir Shri. N. N. Vohra was the Chief Guest at the Inaugural session of the Seminar. The Valedictory address of the seminar was delivered by the Honorable Minster of State for Education and Culture, Government of J & K Dr. Priya Sethi. Notably there were also known and famous International scholars in the field present at the event; some of whom are Prof. Mark Dyczkowski (London), Dr. Boris Marjanovic (Coritia), and Ms. Anusuriya Kumar (Holand) .The seminar was Convened by Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh and the Organizing Secretary was Dr. Murugesan A.

Lecture Series

The Centre organizes lecture series under “Know Your Country and It’s Culture” and “Samvad” through out the Academic Year. The first talk under this lecture series was organized on 30th August 2017 at University campus, Bagla. The theme of lecture was ‘Vedic Studies and Recitation of Vedic Hymns’.Dr. D Dayanath from Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, Shri Ranbir Campus, Jammu was the resource person.


All the members of the faculty and the research scholars are cordially invited to be a part of this process of mutual critical dialogue that will be conducive to the intellectual growth of the participants under the series of lectures of Samvad.. The presentation will be held twice a month. The first lecture was held under the Samvad series is with Mr.Bhat Iqball Majeed, Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, Central University of Jammu, presented a research paper on the theme Nomadism and Modernity: Bakarwal’s in Context in the Committee Room, Main Building, Central University of Jammu on 01st August 2018.










World Philosophy Day

The Centre organized World Philosophy Day     Celebration on the theme of   Philosophy of Man and Environment sponsored by the Indian Council for    Philosophical Research (ICPR) on 19th November 2018









National Seminar

The Centre organized the National Seminar on “Contribution of Jammu and Kashmir to Indian Thought,” in collaboration with Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), 22nd & 23rd October 2019.



The Centre organized the following Webinars by using various online platforms;

l  Acharya Abhinavagupta Jayanti on 02nd June 2020

l  Nature of Research in Indian Knowledge Tradition on 12th June 2020 in colaboration with Shiksha Sanskriti Utthan Nyas-Sodh Prakalp

l  Contribution of Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee to the History of Jammu & Kashmir on 23rd June 2020

l  Dr. Syama Prasad Mookerjee: Historical Contribution towards National Unity on 28th June 2020


Proceedings of the International Seminar


The Centre has processed to publish proceedings of the International Seminar on “Kashmir Philosophy with Special Reference to Abhinavagupta” which was held on 23rd and 24th of March 2017. Seventeen research papers were selected to be published in the proceedings with ISBN.



CUJ Journal of Religion and Culture


The Centre for Comparative Religions and Civilizations, Central University of Jammu was given approval for publishing a Biannual and Bilingual (English and Hindi) Peer Reviewed Research Journal entitled CUJ Journal of Religion and Culture, which has been also verified by the Registrar of Newspapers (RNI Ref. No: 1313211), New Delhi on 16th August 2017 through the proper channel.


Translated Book

The Centre published a translated and interpreted book on Pratibhijiana Hridayam  (Sanskrit) into Kashmiri Langauage by Prof. G. M. Khawaja on 13th May 2019.