Directorate of Physical Education




 The annual Sports Meet of the University was held in the campus premises on 9th April, 2019. The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ashok Aima declared the sports meet open in the opening ceremony by lighting the ceremonial Torch, which was followed by a Torch Relay and 100 mts. And 200 mts. race, Volley Ball, Kabaddi, shotput, kho kho and indoor games competitions like Chess, Carom and Table Tennis. Earlier, Dr. Vandana Sharma, Director In charge of the Directorate welcomed the Chief Guest, Prof. Ashok Aima and thanked the Vice-Chancellor for all his encouragement to the Directorate to hold the annual event Sports Meet, despite many constraints. To make the meet more socially relevant, the Directorate had also collaborated with District Legal Services Authority Samba by giving a rare opportunity to specially-abled children to participate in 50 mts race. The overall Rolling Trophy for maximum participation was bagged by the School of Business Studies. In 100 and 200 meter girls’ race, convened by Dr. Archana Kumari, Neha Rani (MCNM) was the first winner, while Priyanka Padha (NSS) was second and Jasveen Kaur (TTM) was third. In 100 meters boys race, Mohd. Rashid (Physics) was first, Saksham ( Zoology) was second and Mohd. Wasim ( Economics) was third. In 200 meters, Mohd Rashid ( Physics) was first, Ashish Badyal ( Physics) was second and Surendra Kumar was third.  In Kabaddi, convened by Dr. R. Sudhkar, winning team was school of business studies, runner up was school of basic and applied sciences; In volleyball, convened by Dr. Bhavna Arora, the winning team was School of Business Studies and the runners up was from School of Basic and Applied sciences, In Shotput, convened by Dr. Vishal Singh, the winners were Saksham Sharma,(Dept. of Zoology) Karan (Deptt. NSS) and Bhanu Sambyal (Deptt. BVOC). In Girls category the winners were Ms. Jasveen Kour (Deptt. TTM) Ms. Ritika Sharma (Dept.. TTM) and Ms. Poonam Sharma (Deptt. SCM).