Strategic Planning

We seek to improve our ranking and perception as a top Computer Science & Information Technology department in the nation.

Tactical Planning

The Computer Science & Information Technology Department has recognized the following milestones to achieve its strategic goal:

A. Curriculum
a). Improvement of the graduate program in alignment with the National Education Policy 2020 (revision of the curriculum with the advances in technology, improving graduate research, improving ethics education).
b). Improvement of the doctoral program (revision of the curriculum with the advances in technology and research direction).

B. Students
a). Increase the student intake in graduate program.
b). Improvement in the quality and quantity of the PhD program (higher admission requirements, research contribution, publications).

C. Research
a). Increase in research productivity (funded research, publications, and scholarly activities).
b). Hiring of highly qualified faculty members and Retention of faculty members (reduced teaching load, research infrastructure support).

D. General
a). Continued building and fostering of strong relationships with alumni and industry.
b). Improvement of the condition of classrooms, labs, and meeting rooms.
c). Graduate curriculums have undergone a major revision in 2021.

E. Facilities
a). New Biometric and Pattern Recognition Lab.
b). Organizing International Conference on Recent Innovations in Computing ICRIC yearly basis.
c). A New IoT lab has been established for the assessment of vulnerability in IoT and Embedded Devices.