International Mother Earth Day -2018
Apr 19, 2018

Department of Environmental Sciences, Central University of Jammu, Jammu celebrated “International Mother Earth Day -2018” on 19 April 2018 in KendiyaVidhalya(KV) Central University of Jammu. The main theme of this year International Mother Earth Day is ‘End Plastic pollution’. Plastic pollution is the accumulation of plastic products in the environment. This accumulated plastic adversely affects the environment and living organisms. Prof. Ashok Aima, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Central University of Jammu was the chief guest of the event. Dr. Richa Kothari, Assosiate professor, welcome the chief guest. Prof. Ashok Aima shared his views about plastic pollution and gave tips to students for living with less plastic. Dr. Ashutosh Sharma, Director General and CEO, International Committee for Development and Regional Cooperation (ICDRC) delivered a lecture on water management.Dr. Ashutosh told students how to save water and sustainable use water.

The department of Environmental Sciences, CUJammu, organized on-the-spot poster competition and Collage competition between 5th and 6th class students of KV, CUJammu.The students draw their ideas and views about ‘save mother Earth’very beautifully on paper. Prof. Deepak Pathania, HoD, encouragesand motivates the students. Dr. Dinesh Kumar and Dr. Anita Singh discussed technical aspects of plastic pollution with the student. Dr. J.N. Walia, Dr. Sunil Dhar and Dr. Pankaj Mehtajudged the posters and collage competition. Dr. Sunil Dhar, Associate professor, gave vote of thanks. The stage was conducted by Dr. Angelika Sharma.