Feb 05, 2020 - Feb 06, 2020

The National Seminar on “Assessment and Evaluation: Recent Trends and Challenges” was held at Department of the Educational Studies, CUJ from 05th February to 6th February, 2020. The seminar was organised under the PMMMNMTT scheme of the Govt. of India. The key objectives of the seminar were to address different dimensions of assessment and evaluation practices for quality education. More than 100 research papers were presented by the delegates during the seminar.The valedictory session of the seminar was presided by Prof Ashok Aima, VC,CUJ. By praising the organisers he congratulated the paper presenters and emphasised that we need to more beyond the stucture questions and structured answers so far assessment and evaluation is concerned. For getting a better position of Indian universities in international rankings, he strongly recommended that absence of organic link between school, college and universities needs to be interlinked.

The key speaker of the valedictory session Prof K C Vasisth emphasised that the present scenario in education is not to evaluate the teacher only but to assess the infrastructure, administration, management etc too. He also pointed out that these days the parents evaluate the infrastructure of the school instead of curriculum and quality of teachers.

The plenary session was chaired by Prof. Hemant Lata, MDU, Rohtak.In her concluding remarks she has emphasised on the role of ICT in assessment and evaluation pertaining to economical and social status of the students. By refering PISA report, one of the international assessment and evaluation organisation, Prof Rajeev Rattan Sharma, JU stressed on contextualisation and localisation of the assesment process. Prof Govind Singh, CUJ, highlighted the examination system of India specifically practiced in Gurukulas.

Twenty technical sessions were heldduring the seminar on various sub-themes.The technical sessions were chairedand co-chaired by Prof Rasal Singh, Dr Samantha Vaishnavi, Dr Vishal Sood, Dr Abdul wahid, Dr Naresh, Dr Amit Gangotia, Dr Shaan, Dr Anwar, Dr Richa, Dr Shwetambri, Dr Parshotam and Mr Karnail Singh. The higher education Commissioner Secretary Mr. Talat Parvez Rohella has stressed upon need of Assessment and Evaluation in higher education.

The seminar proceedings were presented by Dr J N Baliya, convener of the seminar.During the seminar the students are felicitated with Elite certificate and silver medal who have achieved top position in MOOC’s under SWAYAM. The entire programme was co-ordiated by Dr J N Baliya, Dr Ritu Bakshi, Dr Kiran, Dr Aman, Dr Asit & scholars and students of Department of Educational Studies, CUJ.The formal vote of thanks was presented by Dr Kiran, Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Studies, CUJ.