Dr. Vijay Rana of BBC delivers lecture in CUJ
Feb 22, 2016
Former Editor of Hindi Seva of BBC London, Dr Vijay Rana today delivered a lecture in Central University of Jammu, as part of the eminent lecture series, organized by Department of Mass Communication and New Media.
Dr Vijay Rana spoke on topic, “A Mindset for Positivity, Optimism and Success”, and explained in detail about standardization of happiness, positive psychology and suggested remedies to the gathering, to bring positivity by regular exercises of mind.
Vice Chancellor of University, Prof. Ashok Aima, Head of the Department of Mass Communication and New Media, Prof. Deepshikha Kotwal, Head of various departments, administrative officials, faculty members, scholars and students of various departments were present in the auditorium of varsity in temporary academic block of varsity.
Welcoming the guests, Prof. Deepshikha Kotwal gave a brief introduction about Dr. Vijay Rana and about the topic of Rana’s lecture.
At the outset of his lecture, Dr. Rana presented a copy of the book he edited, “Glimpses of Gandhi’s World, Images and Ideas for Non-violence” and emphasized about circumstances which ended up journalists into negativity.
Invoking Vivekananda’s quote, “Nothing is impossible for man, he can do anything and everything”, Dr. Rana said that success was always mentoring and handholding. “In India we have to create the culture of handholding and mentoring”, he said, and adding that happiness and success is chain reaction and it could only be possible if it would be society based and not individual based.
He also explained about the positivity, positive phychology, and idea of PERNMA (Positive emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and purpose, Accomplishment”.
Concluding his address, he suggested some exercises viz-a-viz kindness exercise, gratitude exercise, self accountability. With a piece of Bhgwad Geeta, “The Senses, they say, are supreme, supreme over senses is mind, supreme over mind is Buddhi, that which is supreme over Buddhi is he”, he put forward the idea of meditation for happiness.
It was followed by question answer series conducted by Dr. Bachha Babu of MCNC department.Reciting a quote of Kabir Dass, “Dukh Main Simran Sab Karen Sukh Main Kare ……………..Dukh Kahe Ko Hoye”, Vice Chancellor Prof. Ashok Aima said that people used to forget god during happiness. He asserted that everyone must be a contributor to the society and country and should not remain complaining.Prof.Lokesh Verma gave vote of thanks while Assistant Prof. Archana Kumari was stage secretary during the event.