Department of Social work

Social work is an interdisciplinary course based on the humanitarian principle of social justice, human rights, equality and solidarity with the vision of creating an egalitarian society. Amelioration of human sufferings with a scientific outlook lies at the helm of this course. It is a multidisciplinary course which is driven by the theories from disciplines like sociology, psychology, economics, philosophy, anthropology and environmental science. The course utilises scientific methods that can be applied while dealing with problems at the individual, group and community level.

Social work is a practice based profession which emphasises upon the inculcation of ethics and values amongst the students while working with people in practical settings. It is because of this purpose, continuous training throughout the course becomes its essential feature. Social work students get engaged in extensive and rigorous field work training within the community with direct interventions or through various national and international developmental organizations and government institutions. It eventually equips the students to address various social issues and concerns.  

Social work programme at Central University of Jammu was introduced at Post Graduation level in the year 2014 with current intake capacity of 50 students from diverse disciplines. The department also offers PhD programme in social work. Selections are made through national level CUCET entrance examination annually. 

Currently, the department has a total faculty strength of five Assistant Professors from diverse academic backgrounds and specializations.