Department of Social work

Placements and Block Placement Cell

The Block Field work training is a compulsory requirement of Master’s degree in Social Work. After the fourth semester examinations, students have to undergo supervised block fieldwork training in an organisation for a minimum of thirty days and submit a report to the department for evaluation. The students are given flexibility of choosing an organisation catering to their area of interest and career objectives. This training prepares the students professional competencies for employability.

In the past students have done block placements/ internships in renowned organisation of international and national repute like WWF, CEE, AIIMS, CORD, Helpage, Jagori, Sambhavnaa, MKSS, PUCL, etc.

The cell provides a platform for the students to undergo training in organisations and probable recruiters. The cell also facilitates the interaction of students and recruiting agency/organisations for campus placements. Interested organisations may contact us for block /campus placements of students.

Dr. Vinay Kumar is the Coordinator of the cell for academic year 2019-20.