Department of Mass Communication and New Media

The department is not only concerned with the skill development of the students but also endeavours to orient them towards higher studies and provide them strong grounding in research. The major thrust areas of research which the department would like to undertake are:

  • Media Economy – Industry requirements and limitations to media, Budgeting in media, Corporatisation of media, Economics of convergence, Ownership and objectivity in media.
  • Media Laws and Ethics – Laws related to Media in J & K, Value based journalism and its challenges, Human Rights and Media, Gender, Media and Laws, Seamless media and curbing laws, Trial by Media, Limitations of Press freedom.
  • Film Appreciation – Different Genres of Film, Techniques of Film Making, Critical Analysis of Films, Films and Society.
  • Print Media – Journalism in conflict ridden society, History of journalism in J & K, Challenges of reporting in war prone area, Pressure on media and objectivity, Paid News Syndrome, Coverage patterns in print media.
  • New Media – Convergent Journalism, Digital Democracy, Digital divide, Privacy in digital world, Cyber crime and laws, Social networking versus section 66 A, Language and Social media.
  • Electronic Media – Television as opinion maker, Exit poll and electronic media, Plurality and media, Communication through Community Radio.