जम्मू केंद्रीय विश्वविद्यालय

Central University of Jammu


Court Members

i. Chancellor Sh. Gopalaswami Parthasarathy,Ex-Officio, Chairperson
ii. Vice Chancellor Prof. Sanjeev Jain,Vice Chancellor, Ex-Officio-Member
iii. Pro-Vice Chancellor Ex-Officio-Member
iv. All Deans Ex-Officio-Members
v. Two members of the Executive Council to be nominated by the Executive Council. 1. Prof Udai Pratap Singh Prof & Head Dept. of Anthropology, Lucknow University
2. Prof Sushil Kumar Gupta Prof, Division of Agroforestry, Faculty of Agriculture SKUAST-Jammu
vi. All Head of Departments (HoDs) Ex-Officio-Members
vii. Four members to be nominated by the Visitor 1. Dr. Bandana Pandey Former Director, HRDC, Guru Jambeshwar University of Science & Technology, Hissar
2. Dr. Alka Sharma The Business School, University of Jammu
3. Prof Geeta Singh Director, Centre for Professional Development in Higher Education, University of Delhi
4. Prof (Dr.) G. Musatafa Shah Department of Zoology, University of Kashmir
viii. Dean Students' Welfare Ex-Officio-Member
ix. Registrar Ex-Officio, Member Secretary
x. Librarian Ex-Officio-Member
xi. Proctor Ex-Officio-Member
xii. Controller of Examinations Ex-Officio-Member
xiii. Finance Officer Ex-Officio-Member
Representatives of Teachers out of Directors/Principals/Professors
xiv. Ten Professors who are not Heads/ Deans but they hold the status of Professor/Director/ Principal. The Professors/ Directors/ Principals to be nominated by the Vice Chancellor representing each School/Centre/ College on the rotation. The representation shall be given to each Department/School/Centre. The rotation shall be carried till all get representation. 1. Vacant
2. Vacant
3. Vacant
4. Vacant
5. Vacant
6. Vacant
7. Vacant
8. Vacant
9. Vacant
10. Vacant
xv. Two Associate Professors who are not Heads of Teaching Departments. The Associate Professors to be nominated by the Vice Chancellor representing each School/Centre/ College on the rotation. The representation shall be given to each Department/ School/Centre. The rotation shall be carried till all get representation. 1. Dr. Richa Kothari, Department of Environmental Sciences
2. Dr. Suram Singh Department of Physics & Astronomical Sciences
xvi. Two Assistant Professors by rotation, to be nominated by the Vice Chancellor. 1. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Sharma, Department of Mathematics
2. Dr. Vandana Sharma Department of Hindi
Representatives of Non-Teaching Staff
xvii. Three members of the non-teaching Staff, one from group ‘A’ Staff , one from group ‘B’ Staff and one from group ‘C’, to be nominated by the Vice Chancellor on rotation basis. Group ‘A’
1. Mohammed Iqbal,
Deputy Registrar

Group ‘B’
2. Sh. Udhay Vir Singh Jamwal

Group ‘C’
3. 3. Ms. Khyama Sharma

Persons representing learned Professions and Special interests
xviii. Six persons representing learned professions and special interests including representatives of Industry, Commerce, Trade Unions, Banking, Agriculture, Health & Culture, Financial Institutions, Legal, Bureaucrat, Police/Army, Eminent Academicians, Engineering/ Architecture, Media, TV/Film, Social Work, Corporate, etc. to be nominated by the Executive Council. 1. Sh. Ashok Bhan,
Patron, IIPA J&K Regional Branch, Jammu
Former Director General, J&K Police

2. Chairman
Jammu & Kashmir Bank

3. Sh. Sonam Wangchuk,
Chief Coordinator & Founding Member,
Himalayan Institute of Alternatives, Ladakh

4. Sh. Kailash Kumar Pathak,
Director, Directorate of Futuristic Technology Management,

5. Prof Anil K. Gupta,
Founder, Honey Bee Network, SRISTI,
GIAN and National Innovation Foundation

6. Sh. Sanjay Kachroo
Former Editorial Advisor News 18 Network,
Former Vice President (Media), Reliance Industries Ltd.

Nominees of the Chancellor
xix. Two persons to be nominated by the Chancellor from Vice Chancellors and Eminent Academicians. 1. Prof Amitabh Mattoo
School of International Studies,
Jawaharlal Nehru University & Former Vice Chancellor, University of Jammu

2. Prof. Varun Sahni
Vice Chancellor, Goa University

xx. One Alumni and student council representative. Alumni
1. Dr. Minakshi Rana

Student Council Representative
1. Ms. Meenakshi Devi,
Department of Hindi