जम्मू केंद्रीय विश्वविद्यालय

Central University of Jammu


Vision, Mission and Logo


To be a leading Centre of higher learning, integrating culture, knowledge, philosophy, science and value system of our heritage with modern and emerging concepts, skills, technology and management practices.


Logo and its Description

The Rising Sun, the Banyan Tree and the Infinite Sky are some of the most significant constituents of nature, epitomizing its essence and motivating the mankind to embrace a productive way of life, to acquire knowledge and attain peace and happiness.
These elements, each an inspirational entity, have been arranged together into an emblem to represent the Central University of Jammu.

Rising Sun- The rising Sun in the backdrop of the Banyan Tree is emblematic of victory over darkness - the triumph of enlightenment over ignorance. The students shall abide in light, acquire knowledge and grow in wisdom.

Banyan tree- This part of the emblem proclaims that as the Banyan Tree filters impurities to provide pure air, proliferation through its prop roots, the University intends to resonate wisdom and knowledge, leading to organised thought, discriminative faculty and self-discipline through contribution and participation of its alumni.

Infinte Sky- The vast canopy of the Infinite Sky filled with rays of the Sun denote the enormous expanse available for acquisition, growth and spread of knowledge; the soaring spirit as also an exhaustive domain for nurturing and flow of ideas.

University is an abode of boundless learning, knowledge and wisdom that paves the way to purposeful self-introspection, leading to individual growth and development.

Motto of the University implies that knowledge refines, purifies and sharpens the mind.

To sum up, the Rising Sun along with the Banyan Tree and the Infinite Sky, truly reflect the values, aspirations, goals and ethos of the University as it seeks to usher in an enlightened society through vibrant, learned and empowered youth ready to adopt new ideas and emerging trends in the modern world; eager to face the resultant challenges.